2000~5000pcs Various Colors Silk Flower Rose Petals for $7.99

2000~5000pcs Various Colors Silk Flower Rose Petals

Sale Price: $7.99

Retail Price: $8.99

Description About 1000 pieces of 1 package , Under the condition of the machine being connected, there may be a little difference.
1.can be used to spread on the wedding bed, Posing as a beautiful model, highlight the new festival and a romantic, and a unique wedding
2.can get off at the bride and the new man on stage at back and forth, very beautiful, and mirror effect on super good!!!!
3. may be placed on the red carpet, add a romantic and happy for the wedding.4. may be placed on a sign in table, wedding banquet, bridal chamber, decorate bottle and so on, as long as the play imagination, will create the unexpected effect.Note: The pictures of items are taken by real stocks under white light effects. maybe color and size of physical goods are different from the picture due to different computers, please don’t refer to the color and size information in the description. Thanks for your kindly understand.conversion : 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inchColor note: Orange is Orange-yellow;Amber is like cider orange;Light Purple is standard purple;Burgundy is wine red/dark red, not pink or red;Bright yellow is close to neon yellow.Unscented silk rose petals in your choice of color and quantity.Perfect for wedding and bridal shower decorations, flower girls walking down the aisle, or arts and crafts.Petals are 2” wide.For quantity and colors, please refer to the title of this listing. The description here is just for the purpose of giving out more detailed info.


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