24K Organic Fractionated Natural Coconut Oil for $13.99

24K Organic Fractionated Natural Coconut Oil

Sale Price: $13.99

Retail Price: $33.24

24K Organic Fractionated Natural Coconut Oil

24K Organic Coconut Oil is high quality oil and provides many therapeutic benefits. Its unique formula has antiviral and antibacterial properties to promote healthy skin and hair.  Coconut oil can be mixed with other essential oils and serves as a natural and safe non-irritating moisturizer, softener, and lubricant.  Penetrates deep into your skin to make it super smooth with no greasy feeling.  Can be used as a makeup remover, hair moisturizer, lip moisturizer, body oil for dry skin and more.   

  • Coconut Oil is naturally an antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Excellent moisturizer
  • Can penetrate hair better than other oils
  • Reduces premature aging
  • Can be used in eczema treatment, dry scalp treatment, dandruff treatment and psoriasis treatment
  • 16 oz. bottle with pump

24K Organic Fractionated Natural Coconut Oil 16 fl oz

  • Ingredients: 100% pure cocos nucifera
  • Skincare Directions for Use: Mix with your favorite essential oil and massage through your scalp and skin. Use a cleanser after applying it on face to avoid clogging the pores.
  • Dimensions: 9.0 inches (H) x 2.5 inches (W) x 9.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 17.0 ounces
  • Made in China


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