300 Super Sweet n Huge* Bluberry Seeds! Highbush Mix Perennial Fruit for $9.97

300 Super Sweet n Huge* Bluberry Seeds! Highbush Mix Perennial Fruit

Sale Price: $9.97

Retail Price: $40.00

Blueberry Seeds Make Great Blueberry Plants.

Vaccinium corymbosum
300+ Seeds

Up for purchase is a fresh new wholesale package containing 145mgs of our
Special Rainbow Seeds Highbush Blueberry Seed Mix! (Approximately 300-325 Seeds+)

This is a special Rainbow Seeds Blend containing many Highbush Blueberry varieties!
The seeds are selected from varieties chosen to produce VERY large and VERY sweet dessert quality berries.
These berries are perfect for fresh eating, making jams or jellies, or for baking into your favorite muffin or pie recipes!
Seeds are from a mixture of Northern and Southern High Bush varieties that are best grown in zones 3-9.
The varieties in this mix are extremely adaptable to hot summer areas or very cold winter areas.
Our high-quality seeds are the freshest seed available and are stratified prior to shipment so they will produce a nearly
100% germination rate and saving you months of time! Seeds come to you ready to plant!

Our High Bush Blueberries are a beautiful and delicious perennial shrub that has beautiful white flowers (which we have included photos of) in the spring,
followed by an abundance of giant delicious deep blue blueberries in the summer.
The leaves turn a beautiful fire red (which I have also included photos of)in autumn
which adds wonderful color and beauty to your garden or to your edible landscape!


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