ASPCA Ultra-Absorbent Puppy Training Pads (50-, 100-, 150-, or 200-Pack) for $17.99

ASPCA Ultra-Absorbent Puppy Training Pads (50-, 100-, 150-, or 200-Pack)

Sale Price: $17.99

Retail Price: $49.99

ASPCA Ultra-Absorbent Puppy Training Pads

Potty Train Puppies
  • Helps teach dogs about appropriate places to relieve themselves
  • Helps dogs acclimate to new environments
  • Built-in attractant draws dogs toward the pad
Controls Spills and Odors
  • Fresh scent covers up urine odors
  • Quick-drying absorbent gel prevents tracking and leaking
  • Six-layer composition helps prevent leaks and spills
  • 50-, 100-, 150-, or 200-pack of puppy training pads
  • For adult dogs and puppies
  • Regular product dimensions (each): 22”x22”
  • XL product dimensions (each): 30”x28”


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the oldest animal-welfare organization in the United States, traces its roots all the way back to 1866. In this time before cars, founder Henry Bergh was especially concerned with poor treatment of workhorses, which were often used, abused, and disposed of when they were no longer useful. With Bergh’s aid, nearly all states passed their first laws against animal cruelty, and the ASPCA began a mission that has lasted more than a century.

Today, the ASPCA continues to rescue suffering horses and other animals, with more than 14,000 rescued or aided in 2014 alone. It works to get thousands of pets out of shelters and into forever homes every year, and it also has a line of pet-friendly products that helps fund smaller animal-welfare organizations.

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