Backseat Car Organizer Car Seat Multi-Pocket Travel iPad Hanging Bag for $4.99

Backseat Car Organizer Car Seat Multi-Pocket Travel iPad Hanging Bag

Sale Price: $4.99

Retail Price: $39.99

Backseat Car Organizer, Ocaler Multi-Pocket Travel Storage Pockets Bag Universal Design Seat Back Protectors Seat Saver with Tablet Holder (Black)

Product Features:  
This is a car seat in the iPad bag, hanging on the
back of a chair, kids can side of the car, while watching cartoons, while
playing the game, is to travel from a tour of the essential frame hanging bag.

put two ribbons tied behind the car seat, the buckle can be placed directly on
the PVC film, iPad pocket, a layer of PVC film can also use the ipad.

Super quick and easy to install seat back protector:
Top strap has an adjustable clip and bottom strap is elastic with velcro to
fit almost any seat size. Covers are a HUGE 11 x 20 inch

Awesome Backseat Organizer with Clear Pocket to hold your child’s iPad or
This will entertain your child and allow for a more peaceful car ride and
is a great backseat organizer.

Easy to clean seat back cover:
Made from the highest quality materials: 600D polyester with double
stitched edges.

Product Specifications: 
Color:  Black
Features: Storage
Where Used:  Seat
Type:  Bag
Easy to Install:  Yes
Application:  Storage
Type: Child Car Seat iPad hanging bag
Material: Oxford, PVC flim
Size: 28.5 x 51cm/ 11.22 x 20
Net Weight: 100g /3.52oz

Package Contents: 
1 x Car Seat iPad hanging bag


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