CFI 3108 1 Quart TruCleanEX House Wash for $12.22

CFI 3108 1 Quart TruCleanEX House Wash

Sale Price: $12.22

Retail Price: $15.57

CFI 3108 1 Quart TruCleanEX House Wash

TruCleanEx House Wash Concentrate is one of the best and most versatile House Wash and Pressure Washing Liquids on the market today. With its great penetrating power, it works fast & easy in performing almost any exterior cleaning job. Excellent on cedar, aluminum, galvanized, vinyl, stucco, fiberglass, masonite, plastic & painted wood. It makes dirty houses look new, and prepares any surface for painting. It contains no solvents, chlorine, phosphates or abrasives. House Wash is highly concentated, water reducible and biodegradable. It washes mildewed surfaces. Removes mildew stains. Removes dirt, grease, stains, odors and oxidation. It has great penetrating power and cleaning ability. It reduces up to 40:1 for pressure washing and 64:1 for carpet shampooing. It is for interior and exterior use. It will not harm your grass or shrubs. It does not contain bleach, but if wanted, bleach can be added. A quart will clean up to 2200 square feet.

CFI 3108 1 Quart TruCleanEX House Wash


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