Dreambaby Safety Kit (27-Piece) for $12.99

Dreambaby Safety Kit (27-Piece)

Sale Price: $12.99

Retail Price: $29.63

Kit Contents

  • 12 outlet plugs
  • 8 safety catches
  • 4 deluxe corner cushions
  • 2 multi-purpose latches
  • Foam door stopper

Dreambaby Safety Kit (27-Piece)

  • Baby safety accessories
  • Plugs prevent children from inserting fingers or objects into outlets
  • Safety catches help reduce kids’ access to cupboards and drawers
  • Cushions fit onto furniture corners to provide padding
  • Latches can be applied to cupboards and cabinets to keep babies safe
  • Stopper can protect kids’ fingers from jamming in doors or locking themselves in a room
  • Doorstopper is made from soft, flexible foam
  • Slides easily on the top or side of most doors


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