Dry / Wet Body Brush – Clear Dead Skin Cells Boar Bristle Brush for $9.99

Dry / Wet Body Brush – Clear Dead Skin Cells Boar Bristle Brush

Sale Price: $9.99

Retail Price: $48.98

Dry / Wet Body Brush – Clear Dead Skin Cells While Reducing Cellulite & Toxins Natural Bristles for Better Exfoliation

  • Brush better – By using remarkably versatile Body Brush, you can enjoy a pre- shower exfoliation or a sudsy self massage in the shower with our amazingly comfortable massage nodes! Wet or dry, the choice is yours. No matter what you chose, you can count on premium exfoliation and smoother, more vibrant skin!
  • Renew – while it’s amazing at removing those complexion dulling dead skin cells, it also helps improve blood circulation, encouraging more frequent cell turn over, brightening your skin and leaving it refreshed and baby soft time and time again! Best of all, when you use it before a shower, it opens up your pores making your body more receptive to your other skin care items.
  • All natural- Our natural bristles are perfectly firm without being rough enough to scratch your skin. Our easy to hold design is ergonomic so it’s comfortable in your hand. Isn’t it time you loved your skin? 
  • Clean and massage- Besides being fantastically effective at improving circulation and helping to brighten your complexion, this remarkable little brush’s massage nodes are wonderful at helping improve lymphatic drainage, removing toxins from the system, and helping to encourage a reduction in that unsightly cellulite!


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