Eureka Champion Iron for $34.99

Eureka Champion Iron

Sale Price: $34.99

Retail Price: $89.99

Eureka Champion Iron

Versatile Uses
  • Irons creases out of clothes with ease
  • Ergonomic thermostat knob allows precise temperature adjustments
  • Releases steam for extra de-creasing power
  • Nano ceramic-coated sole plate distributes heat evenly and fights static
  • Rust-resistant
  • Can withstand extra-high temperatures
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Self-cleaning features removes mineral deposits
Good to Know
  • 1500-watt power
  • 8” cord
  • Water tank reservoir with a 9 fl. oz. capacity
  • 3-way auto-shutoff safety feature
  • Heat-resistant storage pouch included

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