Flexible Silicone Cable Protector (24-Pack) for $7.59

Flexible Silicone Cable Protector (24-Pack)

Sale Price: $7.59

Retail Price: $18.99

Flexible Silicone Cable Protector (24-Pack)

Ensure premium quality and superior protection at all times with the Flexible Silicone Cable Protector 24 Piece Set. The durable construction provides a tear proof, tear resistant design made for quick install. Protects charging cables for most smart phones, laptops, USB- powered devices and more. To use simply wrap the cable protector around preferred cord and make sure cable end is covered to prevent slip. Cable protector is suitable for round wires only.

HIGH QUALITY: Durably crafted, highly flexible silicone material is made soft and comfortable to the touch. Normal size for wide usage: Can be applied to most smart phone chargers, lightening cables, laptop cords, mouse cables and more.
EXTRA PROTECTION: Multipurpose cable saver design provides coverage around the clock. Protects wires and power cords from dirt, dust, frays and tangles. Reduces the risk of knots and breakage. Suitable for round wires only, please do not use on flat cords. Bright color is easy to differentiate for a quick find in a bin full of cords.
EXTENDED LIFESPAN: The cable protector will help extend the lifespan of your favorite cables even if the cable has been previously damaged.
EASY TO INSTALL: Wrap cable protector around preferred cord, make sure protector covers cable end to prevent slipping. Doubles as a small protective sleeve with mobility.
OPTIONS: Package includes 24 Pieces: 4 Blue, 4 Black, 4 Green, 4 Grey, 4 Pink and 4 Yellow

Flexible Silicone Cable Protector (24-Pack) Multi-color 24 Pack

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 7.0 inches (H) x 2.0 inches (W) x 7.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 5.0 ounces
  • Made in China


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