Floaties Inflatable Kids Summer Swim Kick board, Armband, Ring, Vest for $16.49

Floaties Inflatable Kids Summer Swim Kick board, Armband, Ring, Vest

Sale Price: $16.49

Retail Price: $29.99

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Floaties inflatable kicker & bubble set:
The kicker and bubble Set is ideal for learning and practicing strokes. Swimmers are supported in a horizontal position, allowing them to experience the feel of the stroke while in the proper position. The kick board can also be used to strengthen kicking. For age 2 -6 yrs, Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.8 x 3.5 inches.

Floaties swim kick board:
The Kickboard is ideal for learning and practicing strokes. Ergonomic hand-grips make control and maneuverability a snap. For 2-6 Years. Dimension of board: (11 x 1.3 x 0.1 inches).

Floaties swim armband:
Armbands are ideal for swimmers just trying buoyancy on for size. They provide just enough support to encourage young swimmers to take their toes off the bottom of the pool and practice their basic floating and kicking skills. Size Small: 3 months – 2 Years (up to 33 lbs), Large: 2 – 6 years (33-50 lbs).

Floaties swim ring:
The Floatie ring is a comfortable and sturdy swim ring that helps young swimmers practice arm and kicking skills. Ideal for beginning swimmers who are ready to start building arm and kicking skills. Buoyancy can be balanced in the middle of the body while the young swimmer practices the coordination of using both arms and legs. Size Small: 2-3 years (33-39 lbs), Large: 3 – 6 years (40-50 lbs).

Floaties swim vest:
The Swim Vest is ideal for both kick and stroke development. Comfortable arm holes allow increased freedom of movement while maintaining the buoyancy necessary for increasing swimming confidence. Size Small: 2-3 years (33-39 lbs) Medium: 3 -4 years (39 – 49 lbs) Large: 4 – 6 years (48-66 lbs).

Floaties swim seat:
The swim seat is ideal for infants and young toddlers just starting to get their toes wet. The unique square design provides extra support in the front to maintain buoyancy and prevent tipping. No-seam welding prevents discomfort for a baby’s delicate skin – Sturdy and Comfortable – Unique square design. 
Minimum weight: 10 lbs. Maximum weight: 24 lbs.


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