Gillette Fusion Razor Cartridges (4- or 8-Pack) for $14.99

Gillette Fusion Razor Cartridges (4- or 8-Pack)

Sale Price: $14.99

Retail Price: $21.29

Gillette Fusion Razor Cartridges (4- or 8-Pack)

  • Provides a close, comfortable shave without irritation
  • Makes the skin look clean and smooth
  • Precision trimmer on the cartridge’s rear spiffies up sideburns and under the nose
How It Works
  • 5 closely spaced blades reduce pressure on the skin
  • 15 microfins follow the face’s contours for a close shave
  • Indicator lubrication strip fades to white as the blades finish their lifespan
  • 4- or 8-pack of razor cartridges
  • Compatible with all Fusion handles
  • 5 blades
  • 1 rear precision blade
  • Lubrication strip

About Gillette

King C. Gillette made his company’s name in the early 1900s with distinctively thin and precise disposable blades. Over the following century, his company has devised two-, three-, and even five-blade shaving systems with pivoting heads. They’ve been augmented with lubricating strips, springs, and flexible mounts. But all the company’s innovative shaving devices still share the goals of Gillette’s original invention: to get a smooth, close shave without sacrificing comfort.


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