Heavy-Duty Cast Iron 2.1 Qt. Frying Pan, 3 Qt. Dutch Oven, or 3.9 Qt. Baker for $22.99

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron 2.1 Qt. Frying Pan, 3 Qt. Dutch Oven, or 3.9 Qt. Baker

Sale Price: $22.99

Retail Price: $169.95

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Frying Pan, Dutch Oven, or Baker

Shared Features

These features apply to all options.

  • Type: Cast iron
  • When cared for properly, cast iron cookware lasts for generations
  • Retains heat better than most other materials, keeping meals warm after the heat is off
  • Versatile material can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes and is oven-safe
  • Enameled exterior and interior
  • Designed to block moisture absorption
  • Can retain heat longer, prevent burning hot spots, and distribute heat evenly
  • Maintains even temperatures
  • Suitable for most heat sources including conventional oven, gas stove, electric stove, halogen, and induction
Care Instructions
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water

Round Frying Pan
  • 2 drain spouts on both sides
  • Convenient helper handle
  • Seasoned surface to cook with minimum oil
  • Product dimensions: 16”x10.25”x2.1”(D)
  • Capacity: 2.1qt.
Round Dutch Oven
  • Comes with a matching lid
  • Easy-hold handles on both sides
  • Great for making soups, stews, chowder, and braising meats and vegetables
  • Product dimensions: 10.6”x8.25”x4.15(D)”
  • Capacity: 3qt.
Rectangular Baker
  • Designed for baking, broiling, roasting, and slow cooking
  • Easy-hold handles on both sides
  • Great as a roaster pan or serving pan for other dishes
  • Product dimensions: 16”x8.5”x2.75”(D)
  • Capacity: 3.9qt.

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