iHealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor for $35.99

iHealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor

Sale Price: $35.99

Retail Price: $46.41

iHealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor

Set Contents
  • Blood pressure dock
  • Cuff
  • Owner’s manual
  • Charging cable
Track Your Vitals
  • Use your smartphone to connect to the monitor
  • Measure your vitals by using the mobile health app
  • Tracks trends over time and allows you to share results
  • Measurements are stored and charted with past readings
  • Gives a clear overview of blood pressure trends
Range and Accuracy
  • Cuff pressure range: 0-295 mmHg
  • Pressure accuracy: ±3 mmHg
  • Pulse rate range: 40 -180 beats/min, accuracy: ±5%
Good to Know
  • Compatible with most Android and Apple devices
  • Wireless communication: bluetooth low energy
  • Machine dimensions: 4.53”x 4.53”x 2.62”
  • Cuff circumference:
    • Standard: 8.66”-14.7”
    • Large: 11.8”-16.5”
    • Extra large: 16.5”x18.9”
  • Weight: 8.47 Oz.
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