Inverlee Golf Swing Trainer Yellow 103Cm for $38.99

Inverlee Golf Swing Trainer Yellow 103Cm

Sale Price: $38.99

Retail Price: $95.99

Inverlee Golf Swing Trainer Yellow 103Cm

103CM Golf Swing
Trainer Equipment Training Aids For Tempo Speed Practice
Practice at home: Portable, suitable for
practicing anywhere. This swing strengthens and increases the flexibility
of wrists, arms and core golf muscles. When you swing, two proprietary white
lines visually indicate your swing plane so that you can work on a consistent
swing plane.
Run out of the first service area: When you get to the court, warm up quickly by
putting the ball in your bag or car. Flexible fiberglass shafts and balance
systems teach lag and help you synchronize your arms and your body to ensure
that you will its first T.
Lower your score: Consistency is golfer’s best friend. If you can keep your pace
throughout the round, you will definitely lower your score. Your Golf Training
Pole will provide a low impact stretch for your golf round at any time.
Perfect at every skill level: regardless of your age or skill level, this
product will work for you incredibly. Real time feedback on swing will help
beginners and experts. 48 inches is ideal for people who are 5 feet 6 inches or
higher, more experienced golfers can use it effortlessly.
Product information:
Material: Rubber, Glass Fiber
Item Number:Yx001601 S
The product contains:
1 x Golf Training Pole

  • Inverlee Golf Swing Trainer Yellow 103Cm

Inverlee Golf Swing Trainer Yellow 103Cm 40.94×3.94×3.94

  • Exercise Machine Foldable: Yes
  • Exercise Machine Assembly Required: Yes
  • Fabric/Material: Rubber
  • Dimensions: 10.0 centimeters (H) x 10.0 centimeters (W) x 104.0 centimeters (L)
  • Weight: 778.0 grams
  • Made in China


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