Lumirance Anti-Aging Essential Skincare Kit (3-Piece) for $30.99

Lumirance Anti-Aging Essential Skincare Kit (3-Piece)

Sale Price: $30.99

Retail Price: $149.99


  • Lumirance Anti-Aging Essentials Kit
  • Lumirance Anti-Aging Essentials Kit with 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Set Contents

  • Lumirance Vitamin C Day Cream—2 oz/60ml

    • Provides intense reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
    • Helps firm & protect skin and targets sun spots
    • Softens and hydrates tired skin
  • Lumirance Anti Aging Retinol Beauty Oil—1oz/30ml

    • Tightens thinning skin for a lifted look
    • Boosts healthy, firming collagen
    • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
  • Lumirance Vitamin C Collagen Firming Serum—1oz/30ml

    • Regular application helps to diminish discoloration and reduce wrinkles
      by number, area, length and depth.
    • Helps tighten and hydrate the skin, resulting in in a naturally more plump and youthful exterios
    • Optimizes the skin’s renewal process and improves elasticity

Lumirance Anti-Aging Essential Skincare Kit (3-Piece)

  • Increases collagen for firmer skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and folds
  • Hydrates and plumps skin for more youthful exterior
  • Brightens and rejuvenates damaged skin
  • Full ingredients list here
  • Suggested use here.

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