Michelin RainForce Wiper Blades (2-Pack) for $11.99

Michelin RainForce Wiper Blades (2-Pack)

Sale Price: $11.99

Retail Price: $21.63

Michelin RainForce Wiper Blades (2-Pack)

  • Pair of traditional wiper blades
  • Designed for all weather conditions
  • Compression molded
  • Heavy-duty steel and riveted frame
  • Graphite-coated rubber for smooth and quiet movements
  • Secure EZ Lok connector system
  • Quick and easy to install

About Michelin

Since Édouard and André Michelin patented their first removable pneumatic bicycle tire in 1891, the brothers’ eponymous company has made a business of making vehicular travel more comfortable and reliable. The success of that first tire was soon realized—cyclist Charles Terront won the 1891 Paris–Brest–Paris race on them—but the company has never stopped improving its designs, always looking for new ways to improve reliability and efficiency. Among the company’s innovations are the removable tire, the radial tire, the run-flat tire, and its ahead-of-the-curve designs that led Michelin to build tires for NASA’s Space Shuttle program. In addition to its high-performance tires for consumers and motorsports, Michelin has also long published guidebooks and road maps; a constant presence throughout all Michelin products is the jovial, inflated presence of Bibendum, better known as the Michelin Man.


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