Multipurpose Car Duster Mops (2-Pack) for $12.99

Multipurpose Car Duster Mops (2-Pack)

Sale Price: $12.99

Retail Price: $25.14

Multipurpose Car Duster Mops (2-Pack)

A pack of 2 portable manual dusting mops made from nano-fiber strands and a flexible plastic hands that takes minutes to dust the interiors of your car, seats, dahsboards, wheel and more. Can also be used to dust around the house, computers, keyboards and more.

  • A pack of 2 portable manual dusting mops for dusting the interiors of the car such as dashboard, wheel, glass, seats and more
  • Mop head made from soft microfiber material and the handle is made of ABS
  • Can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas and corners of the car
  • The brush head can be detached from the handle to be washed or replaced
  • The mop can also be used to wet clean due to its water absorbing properties.
  • Cleans in gentle and scratch free way.
  • The total mop length is 14 inches and the brush-head is approx 7″ in length
  • Portable and lightweight

Multipurpose Car Duster Mops (2-Pack)

  • Interior/Exterior: Interior
  • Included Items: 2 * duster mops
  • Dimensions: 1.0 inches (H) x 7.5 inches (W) x 14.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 8.0 ounces
  • Made in China


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