Portable Car Key Designed Mini Spy Hidden Camcorder for $19.00

Portable Car Key Designed Mini Spy Hidden Camcorder

Sale Price: $19.00

Retail Price: $99.99

Attach the KeyVU to your car keys and off you go for an
on the fly and convenient recording experience.

Detailed Features:

Car Remote Alarm

This mini camera looks
identical to a typical car remote control for a car alarm system, but it’s so
much more.


Pinhole Video Camera

High quality color camera
is integrated in the camera. Resolution 720 x 480 in 30 frames per second (fps).


Take Still Pictures

With a resolution of
1280 x 1024 in 24bit color in jpeg format.


Time & Date Video

The ability to include
the time & date watermarked both on pictures and video clips.

Quality Sharp &

The camera produces True
30 frames per second with a resolution of 720 x 480 viewing at an angle of 60
degrees in .AVI format.


Built-in Microphone

It does not only record video
but also records solid 22k audio recording as well.


Rechargeable Lithium

The rechargeable battery
of this camera allows over 90 minutes of use per charge.


Supports 8GB MicroSDHC

Use 1GB – 8GB memory to
fit your needs. 8GB will be more than enough for several hundred pictures and hours’
worth of stored video footage. We also offer these.


Plug & Play with a
PC or Mac

Using the data cable
included transfer pictures & videos to your PC. For your Mac simply use a
USB memory card reader. We will offer our assistance if needed.


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