Remedy Health Spine Support Posture Corrector for Women for $17.99

Remedy Health Spine Support Posture Corrector for Women

Sale Price: $17.99

Retail Price: $49.99

Take the strain off with the Remedy Health Spine Support Posture Corrector for Women. The Remedy Health Spine Support Posture Corrector is all you need to start prioritising good posture. The fact is that bad posture is not only unattractive; it can also cause spine stress, lower back pain, digestion issues and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Key Features:

  • Two adjustable straps fold around each shoulder, pulling your shoulders back slightly and automatically accentuating your bust.
  • A waist support belt strap then wraps firmly around your waist to fully support your mid-section and straighten out your spine.
  • Suitable for daily wear, soft padded Neoprene fabric offers perfect comfort.
  • Both shoulder straps are fully adjustable and the waist belt has a extended velcro panel allowing you to adjust the garment to the perfect comfort level for your unique build.
  • Based on the ancient East Asian practice of Acupressure, the garment in lined with magnets down the centre to target points in your spine to relieve pain and eliminate strain.


Garment Size:
Garment is constructed with two adjustable elastic arm straps and one adjustable waist strap. Waist strap accommodates waist measurements of 25” up to 45” (inches).

Wash and care instructions:
Hand wash with soap in lukewarm water; do not bleach; do not soak; do not dry clean, do not iron; do not tumble dry; don’t leave in direct sunlight.

Remedy Health is an authorised distributor of top quality personal health and wellness products. We pride ourselves in improving the physical wellness of our customers.

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