Royal Empress Tree 100 seeds Paulownia Tomentosa Fastest Growing tree for $14.97

Royal Empress Tree 100 seeds Paulownia Tomentosa Fastest Growing tree

Sale Price: $14.97

Retail Price: $30.00

Royal Empress– Paulownia Tomentosa tree


  • USDA Zones: 5-8
  • Lifecycle: Perennial
  • Growth Rate: Very Fast
  • Height: 30-40feet
  • Bloom Season:April
  • Bloom Color:Pinkish-lavender
  • Environment:Full Sun

Planting Guide:

  • Temperature: 68-70F
  • Germination : .Surface sow indoors under a grow light. Use a dome lid and mist regularly to keep moist. Requires light for germination. Artificial light is recommended.
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate
  • Water: Dry to medium
  • Light Requirement:need a moderately sheltered sunny position
  • Germination time 10 – 30 days

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun. Prefers sandy humus loams with good drainage. Tolerates a wide range of soils including poor, dry ones, but dislikes unamended heavy clay soils. Tolerates light shade but is generally intolerant of shady conditions.
It grows up to 15 feet within the first Year, reaches heights of over 25 feet in 3 years, and at maturity,can hit 50′ in less than 5 years.

Seed Counts:

All seed counts should be considered estimates. Some of our seeds are estimated by weight.These weights are often based on our supplier weights and/or the weight of the average of several samples of the same seed.We do our best to ensure accuracy and will often add extra seeds. However, all estimates are final.


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