Scrubtastic Handheld Power Scrubber for $43.99

Scrubtastic Handheld Power Scrubber

Sale Price: $43.99

Retail Price: $66.74

Set Content

  • Power scrubber cleaning wand and 44” extension pole
  • Flat surface, large round and grout cone brush
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • Wall mount for storage

Scrubtastic Handheld Power Scrubber

  • Designed to deal with arduous scrubbing work
  • Quickly blasts through soap scum, hard water, and lime 
  • Waterproof seal design makes it safe to operate on wet surfaces
  • Can be used on leather products
  • Runs steadily at a uniform speed to prevent spatters
  • Lightweight, cordless, handheld design
  • Dimensions: 18” x 3” x 5”


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