Star Wars Origami and Scanimation Book Set (2-Piece) for $21.99

Star Wars Origami and Scanimation Book Set (2-Piece)

Sale Price: $21.99

Retail Price: $31.90

Set Contents

  • Star Wars Origami (paperback copy)
  • Star Wars: A Scanimation Book (hardcover copy)

Star Wars Origami and Scanimation Book Set (2-Piece)

Experience the Star Wars franchise in new ways with these unique books. Star Wars Origami teaches the basics of the Japanese art form and gives directions on how to create your favorite characters. Star Wars: A Scanimation Book brings scenes to life with images that move as you turn each page.

Great for Sci-Fi Fans of All Ages

Featuring engaging activities and moving images, these books can be used to introduce children to the Star Wars universe, develop fine motor skills, and reinforce the fundamentals of reading.

Excellent Gifts for Long-Time Fans

With their iconic imagery from the films, these books serve as excellent coffee table books and conversation pieces in the home of any long-time Star Wars fan.

The Specifics
  • Origami book recommended for ages 5–18
  • Page length: 272 (origami) and 13 (scanimation)
  • Dimensions
    • Star Wars Origami: 8.5”x8”x0.9”
    • Star Wars: A Scanimation Book: 7.25”x5.9”x1”

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