TaylorMade Golf Performance Radar Visor for $9.99

TaylorMade Golf Performance Radar Visor

Sale Price: $9.99

Retail Price: $24.99

Taylormade Golf Performance Radar Visor

  • Protects your face from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Structured one-size-fits-most design with adjustable back
  • Padded headband for added comfort
  • Taylormade logo embroidered up front
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • One size fits most

About TaylorMade Golf

For most of its history—which could go as far back as ancient Rome, depending on whom you ask—golf was played with wooden clubs. Even after irons were added to the game, drivers were still made of wood. But that changed in 1979, when golf salesman Gary Adams had the idea for a 12º driver cast from stainless steel. He took a $24,000 loan out on his home, leased a former television-assembly plant in McHenry, Illinois, and hired a couple people to help him, thus forming the TaylorMade Golf Company.

Adams’s metal club revolutionized the driver in two ways. It distributed weight around the perimeter of the club head, which made the driver more forgiving, both to inexact shots and duffers’ obscenities after those shots. And also lowered the club’s center of gravity, generating more launch off the tee. These two features greatly improved the shots of amateur golfers, sparking their enthusiasm for the game. Tour professionals soon took notice of the metal driver, propelling its popularity and earning it a new oxymoronic nickname, the metalwood.

Today, TaylorMade continues its reputation as a leader in innovation. The R11 driver, for example, rocked the golf world in 2011 by introducing an adjustable sole plate that independently adjusts the driver’s face angle and loft. These continual advancements in golf equipment keep TaylorMade represented by a stable of top tour professionals.


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