Vitamin B12 and Guarana Slimming Patches (30-Pack) for $12.99

Vitamin B12 and Guarana Slimming Patches (30-Pack)

Sale Price: $12.99

Retail Price: $44.99

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Vitamin B12 and Guarana Slimming Patches (30-Pack)


These single-use patches for daily wear boost energy so users feel ready to tackle their fitness goals, which may stimulate weight-loss efforts.

How It Works

Throughout the day, the patch releases potentially energizing ingredients that are absorbed into the bloodstream, giving you a pep in your step from vitamin B12 and a dose of guarana.


Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Guarana, Vitamin B3.

  • Pack of 30 patches
  • Releases energy-boosting ingredients into the body
  • May help with weight loss and fitness goals


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