Women's Plus Size Hot Waist Cincher Vest for $27.99

Women's Plus Size Hot Waist Cincher Vest

Sale Price: $27.99

Retail Price: $115.99

Women’s Plus Size Hot Waist Cincher Vest

  • Helps promote water-weight loss by increasing body temperature
  • Designed to absorb sweat and keep clothes dry on the outside
  • Resists slippage, even during workouts
  • Trims and tightens abdomen, love handles, and lower back for a more comfortable feel
  • Compression fabric hugs curves
  • May relieve lower back pain
  • Can be worn undetectable under clothing
  • Sweats fat toxins away
  • Abdominal binder helps tone and contour belly
  • Hook-and-eye closure ensures a perfect fit
  • Contours and flexes the body
  • Helps build up good posture
  • Wear your own bra design
  • Constructed from flexible, latex-free elastic neoprene
  • Ultra-thin and seamless design
  • Hand wash in warm water; line dry or hang dry
  • Sizing chart


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